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As two Southeastern Alumni, it’s an honor it is to be featured in the Southeastern Louisiana Magazine. It’s always been our goal to provide the best possible safari experience possible, at any budget. Southeastern’s feature really nailed exactly who we are and what we do! And if you’d like to read their entire article, you can check it out here!

Since our start, Said has lead our visitors and allowed them to see first hand how the amazing locals and animals of Tanzania live. And with over four million animals in Tanzania, including 430 species and subspecies, there’s plenty to see. This is in addition to species counts of approximately 1,000 for birds, 60,000 for insects, 100 for snakes, and 25 for reptiles and amphibians.

We have three set packages ranging at different price points. However, if you’d like to create your own unique experience we’d love to help you! These packages are all inclusive with the exception of airfare, which can be as low as $500.00.

We fell in love with the culture and want everyone to have to opportunity to experience it. There’s nothing quite like it. Book your trip or find our more today!

Source: https://southeasternmagazine.blog/2019/03/28/lions-of-tanzania-how-tw

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