Luxury Land Cruiser - Comfort, Amenities, Unlimited Mileage

The TAT Luxury Land Cruiser is where you will spend most of your time on safari. With three rows, 6 seats, and a removable roof, this vehicle is spacious, comfortable and perfect for long days in the Tanzanian wilderness. These features allow you to relax and spot wildlife simultaneously, making drives around Tanzanian national parks that much more enjoyable. The cruiser also includes built-in Wifi service and outlets to charge your phone, laptop, and/or camera. This takes some stress out of travel and you won't have to worry about missing that perfect shot because your camera’s battery died. The cruiser also includes comfortable seat cushions, a cooler for cold drinks and snacks, and seat-back storage for binoculars, phones, etc.

TAT Luxury Land Cruiser interior photos

Additionally, the detachable roof of the cruiser is perfect for a better view of the wildlife. When standing in the cruiser looking out into the park, you feel almost no separation between you and the animals in front of you. This feature, along with easily opened sliding windows, allows you to feel close to Tanzanian wildlife without the danger of a deadly interaction!

Tanzania Adventure Tours also provides unlimited mileage for your safari. While other safari companies may limit your adventure with daily maximum safari mileage that could end your day short, TAT wants its guests to explore every part of the parks without annoying mileage quotas. This policy ensures that guests can visit whatever part of the park that they want for a really personal adventure. When pursuing a pride of lions, you wouldn't want your guide to turn around to save gas! Choose TAT for unlimited adventure!

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