Tanzania on a Budget – Tips to Help You Save Money

Are you aware that you can travel to Tanzania (or TZ as it’s commonly called) and have a great time even on a budget?

The answer is a capital “YES”.

Now I guess you want to know how it’s possible. Planning a trip on a budget, especially when it’s tight can be discouraging. I have been there and I understand that feeling. Imagine staying in the best hotels and visiting the best tourist sites without breaking your bank account. I personally used these tips that I am about to share several times.

Let me explain!

Am sure you’re beginning to feel that these tips will include cutting your safari, beach and other fun opportunities to nothing. Let’s assume that’s the case, where is the fun?


You can save money on your trip to Tanzania if you’re willing to meet people as you travel through this beautiful country. Moving very fast will cost you more money.

Instead of traveling on a plane (which will definitely cost more) use a bus. Buses are available to take you to, from and around Tanzania. There are several bus service operators that offer great services at a very reasonable price. With some operators you can travel from one city to another with just $25. You can also book a bus online and have an a very enriching experience while on your ride.
The best way to save money flying to Tanzania is to fly busy international routes like Johannesburg and Cairo, etc. If you travel through smaller airports, you will spend more.

Another, better way to move around the city is to board “Dala Dala” for short trips. This is always one of the favorite parts of my journey. You get to meet and interact with the locals. You can stop at any point you choose, but you must inform the fare collector where you want to get off. We do not encourage travel by a Dala Dala at night.


This next tip will help you find the best accommodations in Tanzania and stay within your budget. You definitely need clean, comfortable, safe shelter after a long day’s travel. The right accommodations will make a great day even better. I know that they there are so many luxurious hotels, but there are so many comfortable, affordable alternatives that rival some of the more expensive choices. These hotels give you the opportunity to socialize, especially when you’re in the mood. Some of these alternatives offer delicious meals, WiFi services, outdoor pools and above all, they are safe.

Have you ever considered sleeping in a tented camp? If you want to save money, you should consider this option. The last time I visited I slept in a tented camp.

Wait a minute! Did I explain what a tented camp is? A tented camp is a perfect fusion of luxury, affordability, safety and being close to nature. Your safety is very important so I advise you also listen to your instinct. Yes! This is very important too. Although during my stay in Tanzania I never had a security challenge. This is not to say that they don’t have one or two bad around. Just be careful!


Traveling to a strange land requires some sacrifice. Please don’t jump to conclusions having heard “sacrifice”. The point is that you should be willing to try new things.

After all, you’re on an adventure…

The first time I tasted some Tanzanian dishes, I couldn’t help but ask for more. I must confess, Tanzania’s local dishes are different from most other meals I have tasted during my trip in other African countries. Their dishes are not seasoned too harshly, but in just the right proportion. They really taste nice.

I was able to saved some money because I was able to cook a meal or two myself. If you can’t prepare a meal, never mind, local delicacies are often tasty and delicious. I enjoyed taking fruits, because they were fresh abundant and delious.

Shopping in Tanzania

It’s almost certain that you will go for shopping if your trip will last for more than a few days. If you fall into this category, just follow me closely.

Supermarkets are a no-go area for tourist if you really want to save some money. Ninety percent of their products are imported. Visit the local markets. You will have the opportunity to buy directly from Tanzanians. Their prices are not rubber stamped, you can negotiate. Also avoid malls rather buy from stalls, independent shops, and markets.


It is very important that you can communicate with friends and loved ones while in Tanzanian.

You can’t entirely rely on the WiFi connection at your hotel. You can buy a local Sim card. It will help you make calls and also chat on social media. The Sim cards and data subscriptions are inexpensive, usually just a few dollars. They have a strong data connection.

One last thing! You can choose a travel agency to help plan your trip. There are lots of travel agencies in Tanzania. I have traveled through the nooks and cranny of Tanzania. My travel agency is familiar with the locals and their culture. We will help you save some money and also spend quality time during your trip. We can arrange a group tour and this is ideal for you if you’re on a budget.

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