The Tanzanian public education system operates on the 7-4-2-3 year school plan. Children start with 7 years of primary school, followed by 4 years of secondary school, leading into 2 years of advanced level schooling, and 3 years of college. Children have their first opportunity to start primary school at 7 years old (equivalent to 1st grade in the US).

Since 2017, our nonprofit has been enriching the lives of Tanzanians through supporting small tribes and teachers who work independently to educate children under the age of 7 by supplying school supplies, toiletries, shoes, clothing, and funding. After a single fundraising event, we were able to secure a piece of land in Ola-siti right outside of Arusha. On this property we plan to establish the official site of Kimble Lee Academy. Here, we will build a main hall with 4 classrooms, a small kitchen/outdoor eating area, a library, and soccer fields for children ages 4-6 years old. This facility will educate roughly 100 children and employ 15-20 locals annually.

  • Phase One: Acquiring land - $25,000
  • Phase Two: Clearing, hauling in dirt, and leveling land - $25,000
  • Phase Three: Build Kimble Lee Academy - estimated $200,000

The main hall leads to a learning pavilion overlooking the recreation field. It is constructed to reflect baobab trees and encourage a “watering hole” environment where students can feel comfortable forming casual gatherings. On a practical level, the pavilion provides shade for outdoor learning and watching sports; on an emotional level, the pavilion becomes an icon for the school’s identity.

Kimble Lee Academy will provide children aged 4-6 with the proper facility to learn before attending primary school. However, the project goes beyond just providing necessities. The environment will foster collaboration, creativity, and exploration - all important aspects for child development. It will also serve as a gathering space for the whole community to host sporting events, celebrations, workshops, and more.

Aesthetically, Kimble Lee Academy is contemporary and minimal, leaving opportunities for murals to be created by both local artists and the students themselves. In keeping with the vernacular architecture, it is constructed with concrete blocks, wood posts and beams, and a metal roof. The classrooms are separated from the “public” functions (library, cafeteria, store) by a large main hall. This will accommodate outdoor learning, larger student gatherings, and space to play during the rainy season.

To see more of the Kimble Lee Academy site plans and project details, please download more details below.

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